Episode #727 – Bill Burr

Episode #727




Bill Burr is a stand-up comedian and also hosts his own podcast called “The Monday Morning Podcast
His new show “F is for Family” premieres on Netflix on December 18th, 2015.

Books Mentioned


A trailer for Bill’s new TV show F is for Family coming out soon. Jaime pulls the video up on the podcast

Movies & TV Shows mentioned



During the podcast they discuss their dislike for extreme forms of abstract art and don’t find the appeal in it whatsoever. Joe & bill specifically mention Jackson Pollock‘s work and how they don’t comprehend the appeal in the higher end of the artwork genre to warrant their outrageous costs.

Image result for Jackson pollock

Jackson Pollock: Convergence


Joe & Bill talk about how car’s can be art and discuss the world famous Ralph Lauren collection. Jaime pulls up the website found here 

They discuss how dangerous race car driving was in the 60’s not only for the drivers but for the spectators due to an amazing lack of safety for everyone involved. Jaime pulls up this video of a horrific crash resulting in multiple fatalities of spectator’s and the driver



Bill mentions Donald Trump’s charisma and power over the media with his bullying tactics and refers to the “black lives matter” heckler at a trump rally.  Jaime pulls up an article about it here


Joe & Bill talk about the famous comedian Andrew Dice Clay and his popular audio CD The day the Laughter Died Link below.

Other Topics

A.D.D Is mentioned multiple times throughout the podcast and is a medical condition Bill suffers from.

One of Bills Favorite quotes “One Tiger tank was worth 4 American tanks but the Americans always had 5” – WW2 German General

Joe & Bill talk about videos they have seen on the way Chimpanzee tortuously eats smaller monkeys  

Image result for hairless chimpanzee

Hairless Chimpanzee image that Jaime pulls up.

Bill brings up that he recently bought a Ronson Touch Tip lighter after seeing it from the scene below from the classic film Maltese Falcon


In their discussion about the crime in Los Angeles they mention the murder of famous American politician and brother of former president John F Kennedy,  Robert F. Kennedy. A full article detailing the murder can be found here.

 Famous people mentioned

Guy Feiri

Mario Bitali

Image result for mario batali

Wernher von Braun Former Nazi made american Aero space engineer.

Phish A rock/jam band that Joe & Bill discuss

Cris Cyborg One of if not the world’s greatest female fighter. Joe talks about how they now are not on good terms due to a past event involving insensitive body shaming humor.

Image result for cris cyborg weigh in

Bill Cosby

Kevin James

Andrew Dice Clay

Patrick Swayze Now deceased world famous actor throughout the 80’s-2000’s best known for his role in Dirty Dancing. Joe and Bill discuss his mindset & bravery in his “no fucks” attitude towards the news that he was terminally ill with cancer and continued to live his life without a care in the world up until his death in 2009.

Christopher Hitchens

Don King


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