Episode #905 – Shane Smith

Shane Smith

Streamed live on 25 Jan 2017
Shane Smith is a Canadian-American journalist. He also is the co-founder and CEO of the international media company VICE.

Shane doesn’t have a large political view, he is open minded about war and politics and wants the world to view

Shane Smith

Vice was given a weekly show on HBO, due to its popularity, Vice now has a daily show on HBO
Check out Shane on Wikipedia
This is Shane Smith’s bio on Vice: CEO of Vice
Shane has a flesh eating stomach parasite (Similar to this one). He assumed he was going to die because normal doctors couldn’t kill it with antibiotics. He then went to a homeopathic doctor who sorted him out with pro-biotics.

Vice Articles

Vice writes articles about war and has war journalists in Afghanistan and Iraq. Read here their take on how the US Lost Afghanistan

Shane says that oil companies raised their oil platforms to combat the rising oceans due to sea level changes. Unfortunately I cannot find any sources on the matter but Redditor’s have had their say about the issue.

Shane talks about half the world moving with technology but the other half going the opposite way and using technology advances to change ourselves. (Assuming this means our genes and technology advances within the human body.)

Other News Articles

A nation of Flints: America has 1.2m miles of deteriorating lead pipes and they’ll cost $1 trillion to fix
Californians don’t want to be a part of the United States, since Trump because president.
Joe and Shane discuss how Americans are too fragile these days and can’t agree on anything, even groups like the Black Lives Matter are getting upset with different groups over silly things. This is seen again when the Transgender group is upset with the Woman’s March group for pussy hats. There are too many social justice warriors and we all need to come together to fix this.

Books mentioned:








Joe Rogan likes that Trump wants to fix all the broken infrastructure within his country, Check It Out: Trump Again Calls for Rebuilding US Infrastructure in Inaugural Address
Trump made changed very quickly in his administration as president, here is a link to The things that Trump has done so far in the US”

Council Of Elders

Joes view on politics is that not one person should be in charge of such a large country. He wants to recreate the government into a new system that doesn’t go  forwards and backwards depending if the left or the right government is involved.
Joe wants to do this by creating what he jokingly calls the “Council Of Elders”. Here is a rundown of which 9 people Shane Smith and Joe Rogan would like on that council:

Elder 1: Sanjay Gupta or Siddhartha Mukherjee as the Health advisor

Shane: You would need a good doctor: “Siddhartha Mukherjee”
Joe: How about Sanjay Gupta. “I used to hate that guy now I like him”
This was never resolved but later Joe automatically assumes they have picked Sanjay because that’s who Joe picked.

Elder 2: Elon Musk – Technologist

Elon owns Tesla and SpaceX, he is a entrepreneur innovator who is currently famous for the first electronic cars on our roads and the first rocket to self land back on earth after being in outer-space.
Joe and Shane talk about Elon:
Building a tunnel in LA because he is sick of the traffic.
Shane loves that Elon is passionate about batteries
Elon married the same actress twice

Elder 3: Al Gore

This was Joe’s suggestion but Shane wasn’t convinced. They brush over this elder.

Elder 4: Neil Degrasse Tyson – Astrophysics/Space

Neil Degrasse Tyson is the perfect version of a nerd. He is “American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator.” Responsible for the series Cosmos, Niel is the most recognisable personality in the astrophysics realm at the moment. He also has his own podcast called “Startalk”

Elder 5: Taylor Wilson – Solve the world problems

Taylor Wilson was a young boy who built a nuclear fusion reaction in his garage at age 14. Taylor was interviewed by Vice on their show and is comfortable to say he is a reasonable person to solve regular problems faced by humanity.

Elder 6: Sam Harris  – Philosopher

Sam Harris is a “neuroscientist and author of The End of Faith, Letter to a Christian Nation, and The Moral Landscape“. He featured in Episodes #804 and Episode #641 of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. Joe quickly jumps on him as the philosopher character in their council of elders.

Elder 7: Oprah Winfrey – Getting a message across

You all know who Oprah is.

Elder 8: Ayaan Hirsi Ali – International Help For The Elders

“A Somali-born Dutch-American activist, author,and former Dutch politician. She is an opponent of female genital mutilation, as well as a feminist and atheist” – Wikipedia

Others mentioned:

Joe Biden, Joe mentions he had Joe Biden night at the comedy club where they would steal each-others jokes because Joe Biden stole speeches from Kennedy.

Martha Stewart Shane likes Martha because she has been to jail and ‘done shit’.

Other Topics

The woman’s march is discussed. Joe discusses that Americans can protest and that democracy can change things.

Whitney Cummings Instagram photo on the Woman’s March:

View this post on Instagram

Don't fuck with women, we will cause traffic.

A post shared by Whitney Cummings (@whitneycummings) on


There are more guns in America than there are people. Joe talks about this as a “people” problem instead of a gun problem. If people could control themselves then it wouldn’t be a problem

Taylor Wilson was a young boy who built a nuclear fusion reaction in his garage at age 14. He is mentioned to be on the council of Elder.
This is Taylors TED talk on his fission reactors

Joe and Shane discuss biofuels in particular this article on “diamonds that turn nuclear waste into nuclear batteries”

Here is an article on Reagan holding off citizens over seas until he got in office. Joe Rogan refers to it as a ‘proven conspiracy’


Young Jamie pulls up this photo of a bullet mustang from the 60’s. Joe is convinced all the cool cars came out in the 60’s

This is Mcqueen near a Bullitt Mustang in the 60’s

Joe compares these photo’s to this 1980 mustang and calls it a “hunk of shit” – He is right.


‘Good people don’t smoke marijuana’
Under the Obama administration, Marijuana was still decided to be a schedule 1 drug, Joe is outraged about this due to its medicinal purpose.
Shane talks about how he doesn’t like smoking, because he is an ex-cigarette smoker. He talks about using Honey Sticks instead
Young Jamie pulls up this article “Marijuana Users Have Good Lungs (for Transplanting)”
Joe’s story about how marijuana became illegal and how the government demonized the drug can be read here.

Joe Rogan’s solution for fixing the world is psychedelic drugs. He thinks people can have realizations  when they take these drugs and it helps re-wire your brain. It can help people with smoking addictions or other problems. This is a Vice article about quitting smoking after an LSD trip.


Shane and Joe discuss “Big Pharma” and its effects on the American people. Fentanyl was just responsible for the death of a friend of Joe’s. “Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine according to our reliable source wikipedia, but Shane says it’s about 5x more powerful. Death By Fentanyl is a documentary about this drugs effects, which is not mentioned in the show. Fentanyl is an ‎Opioid which is similar to heroin.
Joe and Shane guess how many people would die per year of opioid overdoses in the U.S in one year. This study says there were “591,000 had a substance use disorder involving heroin” and goes on to say that there were 20,101 overdose deaths in 2015. Shane believes in 2016 the numbers will have almost doubled.
Vice have a story that people get addicted to Oxy but would take heroin once addicted because it was cheaper. These addicts would then seek out heroin because it’s even cheaper than what “Big Pharma” is selling their drugs at. If someone dies from a heroin overdoes, the addicts will go to their dealer because they want stronger drugs. Vice has loads of articles about drugs.

Young Jamie pulls up some stats about drug use in America. The main point Joe Rogan makes is that “52 million Americans use prescription drugs for non-medical reasons”. Here are the other stats Jamie brings to their attention.

Science and Technology

Augmented Reality
People are getting lenses in their eyes to fix ripped corneas and other issues. Check it out.
This related to Augmented Reality. The best versions of augmented reality that are not mentioned in the show are: Augmented reality art work in Australia and the DOTA 2 championships picking their champions.

Joe and Shane talk about aging effects and that everyone born now has a good chance to live to the age of 150.
Young Jamie brings up this article about reversing age.
Adding on to the aging effects they discuss that China is making the first lot of super humans by changing the genome within humans.

The Health Of The World

Shane explains that there is a large amount of carbon (“more carbon than we have released since the industrial revolution”) in ice/permafrost and it will be released when the ice melts due to global warming. The reason for this is that there are a bunch of dead animals within the ice from millions of years of evolution.  There are large amounts of methane under the ice, check it out.

Mammoth Talk
Shane talks about how they need to put lots of trees in the area where all of the Methane and Carbon is coming out of the ground to stop global warming. He said ‘That will get you 60% of the way there’. A woolly mammoth has been found perfectly frozen in permafrost so they are cloning the woolly mammoth.  This would apparently help the methane. Here is the other article Young Jamie pulls up on the video

Moore’s law is mentioned, its the law that every year our technology grows exponentially.
After talking about pro-biotics and gut biome’s, they can change peoples stomach health with fecal transplants.


Donald Trump DESTROYS CNN!!! – Full Clip, Thug Life! #GetRekt

Joe Biden Memes

Movies Mentioned








In this podcast, Joe and Shane talk about the Council of Elders being a solution to a country run by a singular person. These people are there to advise what should be happening in the country without conflicting views based on how Joe describes ‘Wearing a red shirt or blue shirt’. The most interesting part of this podcast is them talking about drugs and opioids, it’s staggering how much “Big Pharma” is controlling and killing people and citizens are happy to sit back, pop some pills and let it happen.


I hope you enjoyed this overview of #605 and glad you could check it out
– Grhylln

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