Episode #913 – Chris Ryan

Christopher Ryan



Christopher Ryan, PhD is a psychologist, speaker, and author of New York Times best seller “Sex At Dawn” and he also hosts a podcast called “Tangentially Speaking” available on iTunes & Stitcher.

Chris Ryans Content:

Chris Ryan’s take on culture and civilisation is that we are embedded in a super organism.
Joe impersonates smeagol from Lord Of The Rings
Chris talks about an animation someone made from a podcast, where Chris tells the story of “fucking a cat with a pencil”.
Staph Infections


Famous People Mentioned:

Alex Jones:
– Alex Jones (twitter)Alex Jones is the owner and author/speaker for  the website Infowars.com
– Alex featured in JRE#911
What Alex says about The Sandy Hook Massacre.

David Icke also a conspiracy Nut.

Duncan Trussell was another guest on Joe’s podcast from episode #739 and a few more earlier. Usually they partner up with Duncan Trussel
Shane Smith From Vice
Randall Carson on Asteroids |  (Interesting Reddit read on this topic)
Peter Matthiessen a writer (Writer)
Tom berenger (“The guy with the scar on his face” – Joe)
Jake Johannsen – Comedian
Megyn Kelly news reporter wearing very short dress

Bill Burr

Terence Mckenna – An advocate for drugs and psychedelics
Kristen Stewart

Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali-g, Borat)
Ali – G

Jim Gaffigan – A comedy
Dennis Miller – An old host on SNL
Allan Havey

Movies & T.V Shows discussed:

Rats documentary on Netflix (Trailer)

At play in the fields of the lord










Ace venture Clip




Cultural/Historical Topics:

Native Americans being drunk brings out the “Indian” in them, in reference to Mexicans drinking.

Neanderthals and Fire – Question, did neanderthals ever learn to harness fire properly?

Extinction Rates & Extinction events coinciding with the ice age

The Article shown on the podcast about extinction
Hundreds of ancient earthworks resembling Stonehenge found in Amazon rainforest

Irish Wakes – Celebrating deaths by being cheerful and celebrating the deceased.
Professional Mourners come to your funerals and mourn for you.

Suri Tribes from Africa with plates in their lips
Laser Hair Removal (Cynically discussed in comparison to how we view lip plates)

Prince Of Wales Island – Joe went hunting here.

Psychedelic Experiences
If you take more than 7 hits of acid you are clinically insane

Wild Boars/Wild Pigs – Joe talks about their tough leather hide and how they are machines in the animal kingdom. They may even start being population issues in coming years within America.
Meat made in a lab – Joe and Chris discuss sustainability of meat and the humane killing of animals
How ‘Bacon and Eggs’ Became the American Breakfast

Salvation Mountain

News Discussed:

Antarctic ice shelf cracking up
Antarctic Article shown on the show

Fukushima radiation is getting worse
Turning Nuclear waste into diamond batteries
Bright green fireball: Meteor spotted over Wisconsin early Monday morning
The 2003 Space Shuttle Disaster

Guy zooms in on moon with his camera ( Neil Degrasse Tyson Fan Page )



Punished for not crying: Thousands of North Koreans face labour camps for not being upset enough about death of Kim Jong-il – (Video)

During a study a woman gave dolphins hand jobs
Man films wild pig stuck inside cow after eating it from inside
Another Study gave dolphins acid for experiments
World’s Weirdest: Giving Birth Through a “Penis”

ACDC singer has to stop touring to save his hearing
Bad News for Donald Trump: ‘SNL’ in the Midst of a Ratings Renaissance
Sock 15x stronger than steel-  ( Video)
Wade Davis and dogs

UFC being sold – Joe being asked about UFC too much

China Baby hatches

Combating Malaria



Books Discussed:

At play in the fields of the lord






Sage (salvia Trip)(Link to salvia trip on youtube in the podcast)
Another Study gave dolphins acid for experiments


Check it out!

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