Episode #914 – Ryan Callaghan & Kenton Carruth

Episode #914

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Overview of Ryan, Kenton and FirstLite:
Ryan Callaghan is an outdoor enthusiast & Director of Conservation and Public Relations at FirstLite and Kenton Carruth is the co-founder of FirstLite.

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FirstLite (store Link) “is to create simple, proven, versatile gear that provides comfort and performance in any situation while working to promote the pursuit of ethical hunting and stewardship.”
They sell camping and hunting goods online.

The Science of Products

– Joe talks about wool  and specifically that Merino wool has the ability to pull sweat off of your body and dry quickly. It also helps keep you from smelling which is a big part of tracking animals without them noticing.
– Ryan talks about how people are creating synthetic wool’s or clothes that try and suck up the sweat and stay dry.
– Ryan and Kenton love getting input from people who have never hunted before, because it ’rounds’ our their products.
– Joe talks about Corrugate Guide Pants. Click here to buy them.



American Prairie Reserve is a large amount of land that is kept to try and return it to its original state before being colonized by the British.  Young Jamie pulls up their site on the podcast.
Here is what the American Prairie Reserve says about reintroducing species into their public lands.

“Texas is weird” for hunting – Joe
– There are more tigers in private backyards in Texas than in the wild.
Here is another article Young Jamie brings up.
– Texas is a really odd place (Another tiger article)

Chesapeake Bay – Where people would hunt birds in the night. They needed retriever dogs to go out in the water for hours and then guard their dead birds the next day.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever:

Ketchum, Idaho was mentioned.
Prince Wales Island

In the early 1900’s or earlier there were plenty of animals introduced into New Zealand with no natural predators, Joe says it was meant to be an exotic hunting ground for people.
The Arizona Strip is like this legendary area that borders between Utah and Arizona and it has these monster Mule Deer in it, every year they just pull these insane deer out”

A video on the Arizona Strip:


The U.S is selling public land, which is detrimental  to hunters in the U.S. Joe talks about how unique America is that they have public land and they should not be selling it off.
The people of Oregon protested when a man refused to pay for a permit to graze cattle on public land. This is referred to the “Bundy standoff”

Joe – People in Paris are being told not to be afraid of the wolves roaming the streets due to them only looking  for 4 legged prey.
During the World War, people Germany and Russians had a ceasefire due to wolves killing too many people, they killed large amounts of wolves and then went back to fighting. It is known as the Kirov Wolf Attacks
Mountain Lions are very common in some areas, being caught on camera in different places.

Why people have to drink more water in a higher altitude
“Short Roping” is basically one fit guide dragging people up mountains according to Ryan. (Not the best link but all I could find. Let me know in the comments if you find a better one)

At the end of the show the guys talk about the pipelines and how water can be lit on fire in some areas due to the gasses being moved around in the ground.

People Mentioned

Jason Chaffetz was the one who purposed the bill to take away the public lands. Joe says his social media got destroyed by hunters.
Mike Hawkridge is a famous hunter that Joe mentions in his show that he has previously been hunting with. Joe tells the story that Mike Hawkridge was walking in mountains and a wolf pounced at him off a ridge, he shot the wolf mid air. He now has the that same wolf mounted in his home to remind him of that day.

Adam Green Tree took 4 days to bring back elk meat from hunting in the forest. He lives in Australia, here is his facebook page for his business.

Cam Hanes is an athlete bow hunter who Joe thinks is never unsuccessful when bow hunting, he features in episodes #450, #567, #759 and  #815.

Hunting Rules and Information

  • Bills mentioned in the podcast

    H.R.621 – Disposal of Excess Federal Lands Act of 2017
    – This bill purposes to “offer for disposal by competitive sale for not less that fair market value certain federal lands in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming”
    – Social media destroyed this bill

    H.R.622 – Local Enforcement for Local Lands Act
    – Federal law enforcement officers to be removed from the public lands have county law enforcement take their role.
    – This would force public land enforcers to be unable to stop poachers due to the law enforcement not having a large enough budget to govern it.Homestead Act
    “The Homestead Acts were several United States federal laws that gave an applicant ownership of land” – Wikipedia

Organizations for Free Land

Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
Kenton says BLM is more “revenue focused than forest services are”
– Oil and gas and grazing
BLM also owes money from the “Bundy Standoff” and don’t pay it.

Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership are mentioned by Ryan. They are trying to protect the laws and the public lands that currently exist.
Back Country Hunters & Anglers are also doing good work.
National Wildlife foundation
Meat Eater is a website about meat that Joe talks about tweeting. Young Jamie pulls up this article about the conversation discussion. They also have a podcast if you want to listen

Market Hunting

“They are distinguished from subsistence hunters and recreational hunters by their use of the animals they kill: Market hunters sell or trade the flesh, bones, and/or skins and feathers of slain animals as a source of income” – Wikipedia

Iron Mind is a Youtube channel about your mindset when hunting and how to concentrate when under pressure, he has also trained other professionals under stress such as firefighters.

Types of Bows:

Re-curve Bows are a more traditional type bow and maybe more recognizable to those who remember Robin Hood

Interested in a re-curve bow? Buy here!

Compound bows are not traditional bows and were invented to create more speed in the arrow as well as keeping it steady.

Interested in a compound bow? Buy here!

Mongolians used to use rings to draw back their bow strings. A lot of people shoot the same way now.

Buy one here

Joe, Kenton and Ryan discuss the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone. Some say it’s a good thing for the Eco system but others have said it’s disruptive.
Before people came around there is a debate whether or not that they were mountain animals.

Wolves for size reference:

Here is an article about hunting seasons and tags, how to understand what it means and the rules imposed to stop animals from going extinct and controlling numbers of animals being killed.
Ryan talks about the hunting season for wolves.,  “Hunters are doing a very very poor job of putting a tag on these things (wolves) ”
When a wolf kills an animal, the alpha wolf eats the liver.

Joe comments to Ryan about how well he took the meat off an animal and that people commented on his photos its the ‘respect you give an animal’. This is really important because you know that these gentlemen are intellectuals and aren’t just shooting animals for ‘fun’ or ‘no reason’.  They discuss how important and healthy it is to eat the organs of an animal, Ryan calls himself a ‘tongue guy’.

This is a video Joe describes bears salmon fishing and guys are sitting right near them without being worried of being attacked. Check it out:

Joe talks about how amazing it is to hear Elk Bugling. Check it out:

During a hunting trip in New Zealand, Kenton shot and killed Chamoi’s which look a little weird.

hunting, gun, girl, animals, new zealand

Joe describes elk as a “Forest horse with swords growing out of its head”
The national average of successful bow hunting is one year every 5 years.




Jack Russell Terriers are designed to kill rats and this is show in the documentary – Joe (Youtube Link)














Rogan talks about a wolf documentary saying a man would put a liver in a downed animal that he would eat to convince the other wolves that he was the alpha, which backfired because he had to leave due to tend other issues, when he comes back… there’s a new alpha wolf that wants to kill him.

Robin Hood – (Joe- The real story about Robin Hood was that people weren’t allowed to hunt on the kings land, instead of the traditional story of Robin Stealing money from the rich, he was actually out hunting game and giving that to the poor.)



Joe talks about fighters training at altitude for fitness. The level of competition is so high level at the moment according to Rogan that no fighters can slack off in training at all, so training at altitude might give you a physical advantage.

Joe reals off this Mike Tyson quote:  – “If god invented something better than pussy I’m keeping it to myself”
Joe doing a bit about pussy:


“You can’t explain drugs just like you can’t explain love to someone who has never experienced it” – Joe
Mushrooms – Joe: “You can see God if you take enough of it”


Authors note
Ryan and Kenton are really interesting characters, they both care deeply about the hunting community and they know their stuff about animals, sanctuaries and what is going on in the government. Being successful business men as well as recreational hunters makes them unique due to their success being a propeller for their joy of hunting. For their sake’s the government needs to back down from taking away public lands within America and work on educating people about hunting and its benefits, socially, mentally and environmentally. – Grhylln

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