Episode #917 – Steven Crowder

‘Steven Crowder is an actor, comedian and former contributor for the Fox News Channel. He currently runs his own website and also a podcast called “Louder With Crowder”‘


Steven talks about the Michigan union protestors where he got beat up by the  crowd

Steven argues that leftist protests are very violent where as Joe says that people get into a weird place when people congregate and there is no way to tell what political side people are fighting for when they are wearing ski masks and hoodies.

Hillary Clinton
In 2013 Hillary said she was against gay marriage and being that now Trump is the only president ever that was for gay marriage during the time of being sworn in.

Bernie Sanders
Steven calls Bernie Sanders, ‘Bernie “Socialist” Sanders.
– Uber
“Uber triggers protest for collecting fares during taxi strike against refugee ban”
Uber raised their prices during this time and continued their services which sparked outcry in New York.
– Sanders has ‘serious problems’ with Uber.
– Here is the article Jamie pulls up about Uber drivers wages
















Steven was really upset when Holly Holmes lost her fight. He refers to these two hits after the bell.

Mackenzie Dern
Is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and mixed martial artist. Joe talks about this fight and rants about her ability to grapple.

Famous People Mentioned

Moby – ” known by his stage name Moby, is an American DJ, singer, songwriter, musician, photographer and animal rights activist.”
Joe and Steve mention that Moby has said that the Russians have leaked information to him.

Bertrand Russell – “was a British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, writer, social critic, political activist and Nobel laureate.”

Macaulay Culkin – “is an American actor. He became famous as a child actor for his role as Kevin McCallister in the family comedy Home Alone (1990)”

Alex Jones – “is a radio show host, filmmaker, writer, and conspiracy theorist.”

Greg Jackson – is an American mixed martial arts (MMA) trainer who co-owns Jackson Wink MMA Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico, widely considered the top MMA training camp in the world.
Joe and Steven talk about Greg as a wonderful trainer who never gets angry and is very open about his head trauma issues from fighting.

Kid Rock – “known professionally as Kid Rock, is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, musician, record producer, and actor.”

Sally Kohn – “Is an American lawyer, liberal / progressive political commentator, community organizer, and founder and chief executive officer of the Movement Vision Lab, a grassroots think tank that focuses on liberal, progressive and radical ideas and positions.”


Joe talks about this youtube video that Crowder’s company has made:

Crowder being on Fox he said he was muzzled and he now he has more of a voice because he has his own show and website.

Steven calls it “ism’s”. Leftism, Communism, Rightism, Liberalism are some examples of how Steven describes people thinking from point of view that is completely governed by these specific ideologies and allow no other thoughts about topics.


Crowder has his own show, Joe and Crowder talk about smoking pipes on the show and spend the first 5 minutes smoking pipes. Joe says he feels like a ‘distinguished gentleman’.

Joe talks about material man made possessions and that you are allowed to marvel at without buying them. Owning possessions doesn’t make you special at all.

The U.S. Has More Tigers In Captivity Than There Are In The Wild, But Regulation Has Been Shockingly Poor
Steven says that Siberian Tigers were better in Colosseum’s because they could pounce off their back two legs and they are larger than regular tigers.

Steven owns a Dogo and it’s a rescue dog

Dogo Argentino dogs:

Joe’s dog a Regency Mastiff:

Hoyt Archery Plug

Here is the Meat Eater podcast talking about bears with Steven Rinella.  Here is a book that he has written on hunting:


Joe and Crowder discuss how bad sugar is for your compared to some fats. Crowder brings up that African people have nice white teeth and they think it’s due to their organ meat diet.

When discussing sugars Crowder brings up the amazon reviews where everyone commented on the sugar free gummy bears about how bad they made their tummy feel… and the after effects.

Image result for super sugar crisp


The drug issue that Joe and Steven talk about is not worth writing down. You have to watch how intense it is (40 mins)

Young Jamie articles and facts:
Colorado Topped $1 Billion in Legal Marijuana Sales in 2016
Since marijuana legalization, highway fatalities in Colorado are at near-historic lows

This part of the podcast was really hard to listen to. It’s a lot of talking over one another and not listening to each-others points. They both dig their heels into the sand and try convince one another. Crowder is one sided towards marijuana and so is Joe. Although Crowder is proven wrong in this argument he keeps talking and talking about stuff.

Authors Note:
Crowder is a very intellectual man, he knows a lot about politics, more than myself and more than Joe. Much like Alex Jones, Steven talks about 4 things in one sentence  without any back up information and his tactic is to flood the other person with information so they have no argument. This tactic does not work with Joe because he breaks down points that people say and shoots them down. Joe’s only problem is how angry he gets about marijuana, he takes the Crowder approach and completely dismisses any other information except what he views as positive.

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