Episode #920 – Gavin Mcinnes

‘Gavin McInnes is a writer, creative director, actor, comedian, and co-founder of Vice Media. He also hosts his own show “The Gavin McInnes Show”‘




Gavin did a talk at MIU where he got pepper sprayed by the students, he says that “They don’t want to give a platform for free speech, that’s the irony of all this is they pretend that its gotten so far it’s on debate now.”

Gavin seems to not worry about what other people say and instead of using the context of what someone says he finds the information they have presented and talk about that instead.

Joe Rogan
Joe tells the story that he was molested when he was 13 years old by a 21 year old. There was a woman that he used to play softball with on his block and apparently she did it with ‘a lot of boys’, took him up to a room and played some cool music and made out with him and touched him.



















Famous People

Milo Yiannopoulos – “is a British public speaker, and former senior editor for Breitbart News.”
Gavin and Joe says that Milo has different personalities, he plays his personality to the type of interview or place he is at the moment.













Gavin has the view that people don’t have to be alt right or left.

Donald Trump
“If you have this thing where you start throwing bricks through windows and lighting cars on fire and stopping people from talking and hitting people that have ‘Make Bitcoin Great Again’ hats on”… “You know what happens? Eventually, people show up with guns”
– Joe Rogan, analyzing the escalation of riots against Trump and what the end result could manufacture.

Joe and Gavin mention the video of the girl getting pepper sprayed at a Milo rally for wearing a “Make Bitcoin Great Again”

Joe says there are comedians complaining about Trump and that there should be military dictatorship instead of Trump being in power.

Misc Politics

‘Our Blacks are so much better then their Blacks’


Pull that shit up Jamie jump here


Joe and Gavin talk about being gay and how that’s not their fault. You are born being gay.
They talk about how Milo had recently said that normalizing  sexual consent in the gay world with young teenage boys, here is a tweeted video about it:

Joe talks about how sexual inequality for males and females. His argument is that in this video the baby is subjected to females in a club but if the roles of sexes are reversed the ad would never be okay.

Joe discusses that the difference between a male touching a woman inappropriately (Sexual assault) and a woman doing that to a man is that normally the man wouldn’t feel as threatened, as if he was going to get raped.

Joe and Gavin have a long conversation about sex and how taboo it seems and how this social justice and feminism is ruining ‘good sex’.

Gavin and Joe discuss that there is most likely a strong correlation between being gay and being abused when they were younger.

There is a website called Sex Change Regret where they post their stories about regretting their sex change.

The problem that Gavin has with feminists is that they are normally not aware of the actual problems and the government or university’s are trying to make these small groups and minorities a priority.


‘Fuck islam’ – Gavin McInnes just before he makes out with Milo Yiannopoulos to offend Muslims

Gavin says that the Muslim religion has been hijacked by extremest individuals who have essentially turned back the evolution clock on these individuals. He goes on to say that a large amount of Muslims are inbred. Jamie Pulls That Shit Up.

“Research shows that if one’s parents are cousins, intelligence goes down 10-16 IQ points. The risk of having an IQ lower than 70 (criterion for being “retarded”) increases 400 percent among children from cousin marriages.”

Famous People Mentioned:

Laverne Cox – is an American actress, reality television star, television producer, and LGBT advocate.

M. Lamar as Marcus Burset and Laverne Cox as Sophia Burset in OITNB.


Authors Opinion
Gavin Mcinnes is very specific, he has previously thought out each social situation imaginable and has an opinion on it. His views on feminism, sexuality and religion are viable in a lot of situations. He backs up his opinions with humor and facts which goes fantastically with the way he is dressed. Although he is completely right wing and finds no fault in Trumps ruling, I think I can forgive him for being a cool guy to listen to.

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